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Welcome to Knight Investment. The integrity of our people is what ensures the quality of our services and with a reputation of extensive investment experience we are able to provide direct advice to investors from all walks of life. We are passionate about building relationships that provide value for our clients and the shareholders, customers, and communities they serve. With a management team that has over 75 years combined experience in this field, our goal is to offer the Wealth Management and Investment Advice you need, at the time you need it.


Who We Are

Our Financial Advisory firm is a premier boutique investment house that specializes in accessing pre-IPO investing and startup venture capital, along with traditional investment vehicles to all levels of investors. Our preferred choice of high-tech, high-growth sectors, such as cloud computing, software-as-a-service, social media, banking, and biotechnology has historically proven to be successful and with the dynamic, rapidly changing nature of the high-tech industry, it’s key to stay fully informed on the many opportunities available and the potential for high risk and high reward as well as building a solid financial future made up of diverse asset classes.

At Knight Investment, we build close, lasting relationships with our network of clients, educating them fully on all aspects of their investments and their portfolio’s health and sustainability. Concentrating on creating a robust investment book is paramount and once this is achieved, the pre-IPO investment opportunities we offer give you the ability to vastly diversify your investment strategies whilst capitalizing on opportunities most investors are unable to access.

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Why Venture Capital

As the high-tech industry continues to produce rapid-growth startups, startup venture capital offers a way to get in on that growth and see high returns on investment, Knight provides its services to all grades of investors, levelling the playing field in today’s ultra-fast trading environment by providing the research and insight needed to make decisive investment choices at the right time.

Knight Investments highly experienced team is committed to keeping our clients fully informed about both the upside potentials and the possible threats facing any given venture.

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